Police clear anti-lockdown group at Shrine of Ignorance

Is Barnaby Joyce qualified to lead this country? No. Is Barnaby Joyce qualified to speak publicly? No. You think ScoMo is bad until you see who replaces him while he’s away.

Anonymous donations to a blind trust to help Christian Porter sue the ABC – now who could they be from? Let me think, the federal Coalition who regularly reduces ABC’s funding? Or could it be the disgusting stain named Murdoch and his witches brew? I guess we’ll never know, but imagine if they had the bottle to own up to it?

I think people demonstrating against lockdowns are an embarrassment to our country. Along with those in Europe and the US, it’s a demonstration of the entitlement people feel, and complete ignorance of the enormous privilege we enjoy. We have free access to life-facing vaccines, but we don’t want to take them. We are asked to lockdown to save others’ lives, but we’re not prepared to do it. What a shame

I don’t think I’ve seen a tradey wearing a mask in the last 6 months in Melbourne, with a few exceptions. Are they special?