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When I reach $500 per song, I'll be able to record one of my new songs in my home studio, including buying the new gear I need to make it sound awesome! At the moment my home studio is pretty basic, but technology has come a long way, and I need just a few pieces of gear to bring it up to professional standards. Recording at home is the key to making this project sustainable, rather than spending thousands in a conventional studio.

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Islands (EP)


EP ‘​Islands’ -​ because while recording it, Simon travelled back and forth between various islands: Florianópolis (Brazil), Cuba, and Australia. Travelling like this can feel like a sailor approaching unknown islands, and this is some kind of map for exploring uncharted territory. ​Islands​ is a fascinating mixture of roots, Latin and folk styles that trips lightly between samba, bossa nova, infectious timabala, moving folk ballads and a slice of classic 70s funk.

Cover artwork by Pedro De Mello Souza (Brazil), cover design by Deanswood Design (Melbourne).

Released on label Songs & Whispers (Germany) on June 19, 2020.

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