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When I reach $500 per song, I'll be able to record one of my new songs in my home studio, including buying the new gear I need to make it sound awesome! At the moment my home studio is pretty basic, but technology has come a long way, and I need just a few pieces of gear to bring it up to professional standards. Recording at home is the key to making this project sustainable, rather than spending thousands in a conventional studio.

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Magalenha (single)


A popular Brazilian tune, about a woman dancing the summer day away. Her life hasn’t always been easy, but today is a beautiful summer’s day and she’s left all her troubles behind. A guaranteed dance-floor favourite, always popular. Written by Carlinhos Brown and popularised by Sergio Mendes. Cover artwork by Pedro De Mello Souza (Brazil), cover design by Deanswood Design (Melbourne).

The second single from upcoming EP Islands (Songs and Whispers, Germany).

Released May 22, 2020

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