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Simon Hudson
+61 416 227780 (Aus)


Label Songs and Whispers / Distributor Broken Silence (Germany)
“Earthman is a wonderfully-made album … soul, pop & world music. The quality of the music prevails” – Polyprisma magazine, Germany

Absolutely chuffed to play this classic front bar at The Retreat, a venue that holds a lot of charm for me. Where I’ve played with a full samba percussion band, this time will be in the front bar in an intimate expose of my newest songs. Hope to see you there!

While you’re sitting on your phone with the engine running, just imagine the world burning while children choke on your fumes. Thanks

Morrison government clearly starting to get a bit desperate. Their senators are now attacking charities that advocate for the rights of parents. Received in the newsletter for The Parenthood:

‘A Liberal senator from Victoria, Sarah Henderson, had written to the Australian Charities Commission recommending that The Parenthood have its charity status revoked. The reason? They said our purpose is “attack the Coalition government and promote the Australian Labor Party and its policies”.’