Looking For a Map

A song from my upcoming album. It deals with what’s been going on for the last 18 months – you guessed it, the pandemic. We’ve all been trying to keep our heads above water, and this song is about trying to find some way to navigate this constantly-changing landscape.


A song from my upcoming album. It’s about what’s been going on in the US during the 4 years of POTUS 45. I don’t even want to mention his name. In the face of astonishing ignorance, I want to forge my own legacy that will offer something more.


Australia’s betting ads and Australia’s gambling scene in general – unbelievable and embarrassing. In 5 years they will be seen the same way as smoking ads from the 80s – in the meantime a lot of money is made at the big end of town, then taxpayers foot the bill for the rehab and the broken lives of those who engage in it.

Proud to be part of this organisation calling for a Royal Commission into the Murdoch media monopoly.


Welcome to the 20th century, Nationals. Congratulations on holding up our climate progress for so long. You must be very proud of your selfless commitment to the survival of our species.


Morrison gets his net zero deal but the likely billion dollar cost remains secret

The Nationals are either walking towards a compromise on net zero or away from what they’ve been saying in recent months. They’re just in no rush to say which it is, writes political correspondent Brett Worthington. Read the full story

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What swamp did they find this guy in? Looks like he’s going to be great for our National effort to reduce emissions. Not.


Net zero critic Keith Pitt to be elevated to cabinet as part of the Nationals’ 2050 target deal

Resources Minister Keith Pitt is set to be elevated to cabinet under a deal between Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce that sees the Nationals sign up to the 2050 net zero target. Read the full story

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