Islands (EP)Simon Hudson: ISLANDS (RELEASE: June 19). The name of the album definitely says it all: Simon Hudson came up with almost all of the lyrics for ‘Islands’ while touring Cuba or stopping on an island off the Brazilian mainland. Not that the Australian singer-songwriter ever missed his apartment in Melbourne; anyone who listens to the track ‘Traveling Salesman’ can only use this ode to draw a positive conclusion about the everyday life of a touring musician from the life of the composer. Basically, since the release of his debut EP ‘Time and Space’ in 2012, the Australian has loved to go to festivals all over the world. New songs are produced and promoted by him on the go. Or he can treat himself to an update of the Sergio Mendes dance floor classic ‘Magalenha’ – as on ‘Islands’. The bottom line is globetrotter Hudson soul, folk, dance-pop, funk and latin standards as skilful and casual as ever. That could make us daydream.