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Single ‘An Island’ released

First the fires, then the virus, now the protests… Things don’t look like they’re settling down any time soon. Please stay safe out there, wherever you are! For now, I’m very happy to announce my latest tune An Island. It’s the last single from my upcoming EP, which is due 19th June. It’s a samba jam, about meeting someone […]

New single ‘Magalenha’

Hello wonderful Patrons! I’m very excited to announce the release of my latest single, ‘Magalenha’. This is a song very dear to my heart. Composed by the great Carlinhos Brown, who I managed to stalk (quite literally) and meet at his home in Salvador, Brazil (read the full story here: https://simonhudson.com.au/2017/06/28/meeting-with-carlinhos-brown) I’ve played this song […]

Tropical refresh

Hi folks, hope you’re safe and well out there. Things are pretty crazy right now, but remember – together we can get through this 🙏 Recently I’ve been in remote isolation supporting my wife and her work. She’s been working out of town, so we’ve all been staying down by the sea to keep out […]