An Island (single)

First the fires, then the virus, now the protests… Things don’t look like they’re settling down any time soon. Please stay safe out there, wherever you are!

For now, I’m very happy to announce my latest tune An Island. It’s the last single from my upcoming EP, which is due 19th June.

It’s a samba jam, about meeting someone who seems as mysterious as a distant island, and wanting to get to know them better. The song features local musicians Mark Grunden on cuica (Brazilian ‘monkey’ drum), inspired flute soloing by Asha Henfry, sweet backing vocals by Jacqueline Gawler, funky keys by Andrew Arnold, and my brilliant German band Sam Barnard (bass) & Niklas Herzog (drums). 

This July I had planned to tour again across Germany, Netherlands and Belgium with my wife Jimena and European band, but we all know that’s not possible for now. However, it can hopefully resume next year, so I’ll be seeing all your lovely faces again in towns all across Europe before you know it!

Instead of the tour I have some very special announcements for Australian winter (summer in Europe), so stay tuned. Suffice to say it involves people from Germany, and other countries around the world!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below or on the socials.

In the meantime check out the new single and please stay safe! With love, Simon

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