Magalenha (single)

Hello wonderful Patrons!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my latest single, ‘Magalenha’.

This is a song very dear to my heart. Composed by the great Carlinhos Brown, who I managed to stalk (quite literally) and meet at his home in Salvador, Brazil (read the full story here:

I’ve played this song around the world and it’s always a crowd dance-floor favourite. Super popular, and super-catchy!

It’s an honour and privilege to finally be able to release my own recording of this song. I first learned this song in a world-music choir in Sydney, the Aria-nominated ‘Voices from the Vacant Lot’ ( Hearing them sing this song live with thundering percussion was the reason I joined the choir, and I owe a lot to this formative and ground-breaking group who performs songs from around the world.

With amazing artwork by my brother-in-law Pedro De Mello Souza, and featuring my German band as well as local Melbourne musicians including awesome Brazilian percussion. You can listen now by clicking the link above! (officially released 22nd May).

Stay safe and stay tuned for more announcements soon!

Lots of love, Simon

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