Hi folks, hope you’re safe and well out there. Things are pretty crazy right now, but remember – together we can get through this 🙏 Recently I’ve been in remote isolation supporting my wife and her work. She’s been working out of town, so we’ve all been staying down by the sea to keep out of harm’s way. It’s been a bit like camping recently, and as always we’ve been keeping each other’s spirits up. I’ve also had shoulder surgery recently, so I’m very grateful to be back out of hospital and safely down here recovering and working remotely!

Islands website redesign

Imagine you’re on a tropical island. Feel the heat of the sun on your skin. Taste that sweet creamy cocktail. That’s the vibe of my new website – you can check it out here.

To coincide with the launch of my new EP Islands later this year, I’ve redesigned my website with a tropical feel. Hope you like it!

Upcoming single announcement!

Also later this month I’ll be announcing the first single from the upcoming EP, so stay tuned for that!


As always let me know what you think of the new site using the links below. Thanks so much for being part of the journey, and stay safe. Love as always, and take care of each other ❤️🙏

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