Band profile – Geoffrey Worsnop – drums

10524208_730935950314352_7716951178531650760_oGeoff has been drumming ever since his mum said he was allowed to, back in 1996. Since his first lesson with a friend’s brother he has never looked back and has made drumming and music a focal point of his existence.

Starting with with formal lessons on percussion throughout high school, he then undertook focussed one-to-one drumkit tuition throughout an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance and then Bachelor of Music.

Geoff has developed and refined his own style that lends itself to being a prominent and integral part of the rhythm section in many genres of music. Geoff has also obtained a Master of Teaching, specialising in Secondary Music Teaching.

Currently Geoff is playing in 3 bands that vary from Rock and Blues to Latin, Soul and Folk.

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