Live video at Sendesaal, Germany! Listen now

New single released! Listen now

My new single, Travelling Salesman! Cover art created with the help of mathematician William Cook, whose ConcordeTSP iOS app solves the Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) by pixelating an image, then tracing the shortest distance between all the points, a surprisingly difficult problem!
It’s kinda like life on the road for a musician, travelling to every point on the map but finding it hard to get back home… Listen now!

South American tour announced!

Very proud to announce my next tour across Cuba and Brazil, starting in just a few weeks!

Cuba 10 – 21 Dec
Brazil 23 Dec – 3 Jan

Stay tuned for updates!



Earthman is a wonderfully-made album, whose music is somewhere between relaxed soul, pop and world music. The quality of the music prevails.”

Polyprisma online magazine, Germany


“This group can get people to the party anywhere in the world”

Rootstime online magazine, Belgium


“Handclaps, hazel-eyed soul and acoustic honesty”

Mikey’s Must-See Three, Hit magazine, Herald Sun newspaper, Australia